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Tony Mancini, Group Director, SGC Horizon Building Group
David Barista, Editorial Director, BD+C



Removing the Qualifier to Gain Parity

Martine Zettle, VP & GM of SPD, Turner Construction
Michelle Dutro, Account Executive, Major Projects, Johnson Controls
Amanda Gillespie, Vice President, Webcor
Angeline Gleason, LEED AP, MEP Preconstruction Direction, McCarthy Building Companies
Julie Hyson, Senior Vice President of Project and Development Services, Jones Lang LaSalle

Kristen Sylva, Construction Industry Marketing Manager, Autodesk

While we want to continue to promote and celebrate diversity and the achievements of women in the construction industry, we often do it with qualifiers. Are we focusing too much on the fact that she's a woman, and not her accomplishments? How do we most effectively shine a light on the thought leaders and innovators that have already smashed through the glass ceiling? This panel will explore how companies and the industry can recognize the success of females in construction without having to use the qualifier that they are women. We'll discuss how we go from highlighting the innovation of "women in construction" to recognizing the innovation first, while removing the gender qualifier. Is this the shift that will take women from being the minority to the norm in construction?



Advocacy: The Power To Change

By Nancy Novak, Above Glass Ceilings Co-founder and Compass Datacenters National VP of Ops
Pat Dziuk, Above Glass Ceilings Co-founder

Many successful people get ahead by advocating for themselves. Some call it self-promotion, but if you are not willing to advocate for yourself, how can you expect anyone else to do so? Studies have shown that women in leadership positions are generally uncomfortable engaging in self-promotion. And that's just one aspect of advocacy. In general, there is a confidence gap between men and women in the professional work environment. How do we change that? How do we become okay with owning our accomplishments? Our session is a practical guide to understanding your strengths and passions so that you can advocate well for your own development and advancement. In addition, by embracing the differences in men and women we'll show you how to become an advocate for women in your company and your industry. Moreover, change only truly happens when people in positions of influence and decision-making take on the role of advocacy for talented women within the company and industry. Mentorship is not enough, particularly when mentors so often do not have the influence to actually put people onto a management track. Our session will also focus on how to help leadership advocate for women and how to become an advocate for others.





You Have 7 Seconds, Make Them Count!

By Sylvie di Giusto, Founder, Executive Image Consulting

People whom we meet make quick decisions about us. Should they hire us? Trust us? Buy something from us? It takes a blink of an eye and like it or not, you are going to be judged because our brains are built to size each other up quickly. And even if there is lots of evidence to the contrary, our brains will be attached to our initial impressions. The good thing is that this impression is something you can control, and Sylvie will show you how you can influence the message you send to others. It's a combination of your dress, your attitude, how you communicate and how you present yourself on the Internet. These are all things that you can shape and mold to work in your and your company's favor, and help you to become the leader that you deserve to be.



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Don't Fear, They Won't Remember You Anyway

By Tricia Esser, CEO, KTGY Architecture + Planning

A light hearted look at lessons learned in leadership and how overcoming fears and staying humble can lighten the load of stresses that come our way. We all face challenges but sometimes the fear of moving forward can stop us dead in our tracks. Tricia will share stories of the road to becoming a CEO, and discuss lessons learned.



Speed Reading Personality Types

By Angel Tucker, Owner, Personality Profiles

This fun, interactive, and informative session empowers participants to read the personality types of others within 60 seconds. It then teaches them how to interactive effectively with each personality type in order to create "win/win" situations in the workplace. This can include team building, leadership, conflict resolution, employee retention, and more.





A discussion around:
+ equity/diversity programs
+ women in leadership
+ product innovation

Robin Bartelman, Architectural Manager, West Coast, The Sherwin Williams Company
Danielle Edberg, Senior Manager, Industry Advancement, Procore



Becoming An Expert: A Step by Step Guide

By Amy Gilbertson, Principal, Trivers

For some, expertise stems from being assigned repetitive work and subsequently developing a particular skill set. For others, expertise develops from natural talent. In both cases, it can end up being something that can seem to just "happen." How can we take ownership of our own professional development? What strategies can each of us begin to implement to guide the future of our careers? In this session, we'll explore methods for taking a proactive approach to professional growth and expertise. By creating a plan to develop and leverage the balance our passion and capabilities, we can all begin to increase our influence and value while building a meaningful career.



Girl UNinterrupted Research Findings: Bridging the Gap Between Young Professionals and Industry Leaders

By Zhanina Boyadzhieva, Assoc. AIA, Architectural Designer, and Juliet Chun, Assoc. AIA, Designer, Leers Weinzapfel Associates, and Co-founders of Girl UNinterrupted

Inspired by the current spotlight on women and initiatives by Equity by Design, Beverly Willis Foundation, WAGE Project, and various grassroots organizations, the Girl UNinterrupted project seeks to bridge the gap between young female designers (and designers in general) and leaders in the architecture field. This is three-phase research project. 1. Designers Data Survey: The survey targets emerging professional designers in the architecture field (0-10 years of experience, female and male) and aims to extract issues that they are currently struggling with while testing any gender differences. 2. Conversation Series: The series include interviews with prominent women principals from different generations, size firms, and backgrounds. The goal is to understand better their perspectives, challenges, and observations on both the design field policies and the emerging professionals. 3. Manual with Action Tips: The manual presents a deep dive into the survey data analysis and conversation series.


NEW! Join the Peer to Peer + Mentor Group Program at WIDC

Make the most of your WIDC experience by participating in the new Peer to Peer + Mentor Group Program, to be held during the networking lunch on Thursday, November 8. This optional complimentary program will pair like-minded AEC professionals in small groups for a semi-structured discussion during the 1.5-hour lunch break. WIDC Advisory Board members and other volunteers will serve as facilitators for the discussions.



Dispelling the Confidence Myth

By Laura Freedman, Financial Advisor and Certified Executive Coach, CEO Mindset

Do women need more confidence to achieve higher levels of success? Fifty-two percent of middle managers are women, yet they hold less than 15% of executive positions. This percentage has remained flat for five years. Is lack of confidence impacting these outcomes? Authors and experts inform us that, when women negotiate, they ask for 30% less than men and they only apply for a job when they meet 100% of the qualifications. If we can increase women's confidence, will they "lean in" more often and more effectively? Will they achieve higher levels of success? In this thought-provoking session, we will: challenge current research and assumptions about women and obstacles to their success; explore the unintended consequences of these assumptions; and provide specific actions women can take to build a CEO mindset and own their value.



How To Lead and Influence: Making Gender Stereotypes Work For You

By Abigail Clary, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, Principal, Director of Health Practice, CannonDesign

Studies have shown that many of the ideal characteristics exhibited by the best leaders happen to be personality traits historically associated with women: empathy, vulnerability, humility, etc. Inspired by "Between Venus and Mars: 7 Traits of True Leaders," this presentation will highlight women in leadership roles that exemplify each of these traits and why that makes them a successful leader. Using diverse examples of women leaders—some historic, some famous, and some perhaps relatively unknown to the audience—the content will be relatable on both a personal and professional level. Putting a spotlight on each person's influential trait, the presentation will reveal why this characteristic is special in leadership and what makes it meaningful—to her colleagues, families, friends, and the world. Presented with concrete examples and tools to inform their own leadership styles, attendees will feel inspired and motivated at the conclusion of the session. This session will address the following question: How can we capitalize on our "feminine" traits to help define our own leadership sweet spot between Venus and Mars?





Speaking Up: Communicating Effectively with the C-Suite

By Sarah Wortman, Director of Business Development, GGLO Design

Often our ability to grow in our careers depends heavily on how successfully we communicate with and persuade senior leadership. This presentation will focus on strategies for comporting yourself in your professional life and connecting with senior leadership in ways that garner support for your goals and ensure the value you bring to the firm is perceived. Some advice will apply to all professionals, some will be targeted to women in the built environment industry. The presenter will share interviews with architecture and construction firm senior leaders who share their best advice for women who want to grow their careers in architecture and construction.





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